Fence Price List

Scrolls paid for with component income cannot be fenced!

Fencing Components

Spell Cost
Astral Recall 0.5sp per scroll
Astral Walk 1sp per scroll
Blink 0.2sp per scroll
Cure Disease 0.5sp per scroll
Cure Poison 0.5sp per scroll
Fake Death 0.2sp per scroll
Field Restore 1sp per scroll
Repair Armor 0.2sp per scroll
Unlock 0.5sp per scroll

Fencing Equipment

For non-listed items, usually we use 80% of base value. This is prorated for all items.
Artifacts are done at 10% of base cost. However, fencing artifacts usually causes bad political clout. A character must have 15 months of experience before they can fence an Artifact.

Combat Equipment
Item Fence Value
Level 0 Weapon 0.8sp
Level 1+ Weapon 0.8sp/level
Shield 0.8sp/level
Level 1 Armor 0.8sp/point
Level 2 Armor 0.8sp/point
Holy Relic 28sp
Crafted Equipment
Item Fence Value
Basic Chain 0.8sp
Advanced Chain 1.6sp
Special Chain 2.4sp
Magical Chain 5sp
Basic Lock 0.2sp
Advanced Lock 0.3sp
Special Lock 0.4sp
Magical Lock 2.5sp
Basic Key Not Fenceable
Advanced Key 0.1sp
Special Key 0.2sp
Magical Key 0.5sp
Boulder Not Fenceable
Light Battering Ram 4sp
Heavy Battering Ram 16sp
Siege Engine 12sp
Torch (See Below) 1sp
Flint & Steel 0.3sp
Piton Not Fenceable
Grappling Hook 0.8sp
Raft 2.4sp
Small Boat 8sp
Large Boat 30sp, Difficult
Basic Trap Not Fenceable
Advanced Trap 0.3sp
Special Trap 0.4sp
Magical Trap 1sp
Basic Wall/Door/Box 0.5sp
Advanced Wall/Door/Box 0.7sp
Special Wall/Door/Box 1sp
Magical Wall/Door/Box 3sp
First Aid Ribbon Not Fenceable
Level 1 Tool 1.2sp
Level 2 Tool 2sp
Level 3 Tool 3.2sp
Level 4 Tool 4sp
Deep Blue Gem – Uncut 1sp
Purple Gem – Uncut 2sp
Blue Gem – Uncut 5sp
Green Gem – Uncut 10sp
Deep Blue Gem – Cut 2sp
Purple Gem – Cut 4sp
Blue Gem – Cut 10sp
Green Gem – Cut 20sp

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