Trolls are large and disgusting creatures, rude and stupid, massive distorted parodies of a person with long, long limbs and a cold, damp skin that can be painted in absolutely any color. There are a great many different types of trolls and sometimes significant differences between them are very common; one thing can be said – they are always huge, smelly, ugly, hungry, and you need to stay away from them.
Trolls are not very smart, but they are extremely strong and can easily crush a person into a cake in their hands. They are afraid for insane rage and great appetite, because they can eat almost everything that they put in their mouths – flesh and bones, wood, stones or pieces of metal, and if they wish, they can empty their stomachs on the enemy.
A unique characteristic of trolls is their ability to repair damaged parts of their bodies. If you cut off the troll’s hand, soon a new hand will grow out of the stump, and you will have to do really serious damage to it to stop its regeneration.
Greenskins and beastmen occasionally persuade trolls to stand on their side during their endless campaigns, although it is extremely doubtful that trolls generally understand what is really happening.
Stone trolls live between the mountains and rocky hills of the mountainous regions of the Old World. Like other relatives, they are omnivorous, but due to circumstances they are forced to eat mainly stones, as a result of which they acquire properties that accurately reflect their name, such as petrification of their skin and cracking it like a rock. Stones and rocks absorb a lot of magical energy, and therefore it’s natural that the troll’s body from eating these stones is also imbued with magical power, making it extremely resistant to any kind of witchcraft.

Unit characteristics:

Sizes, height (to the top of the head) / width (at the shoulders), m: 2/1;
Hit / Hits: 2/12;
Affected area: body (chest, abdomen); shells from military vehicles hit a monster in any part of the body; unaffected by light weapons.
List of skills: immunity to stunning, immunity to stabbing in the back, immunity to diseases, immunity to poison, immunity to fear, immunity to mental effects, resistance to torture, eating corpses, regeneration, Live ram (a monster with a run of at least 3 meters inflicts 1 siege hit on fortifications).

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