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  • NeoCristal

    2020-05-07 at 23:06

    1. General rules for outlets and taverns:

    1.1. All traders and taverns should coordinate their participation in the event with EnGarde Masters regarding the place and time of trade, the range of goods or services provided.
    1.2. For taverns, prior approval is required. Confirmation of preliminary approval is an email from the EnGarde Masters game to the address of the person responsible for the export of the tavern / outlet. To do this, fill out the Questionnaire for taverns.
    1.3. Merchants can coordinate their participation in the event locally, but prior approval is desirable, if only verbally, to ensure that you are not refused to participate.
    1.4. EnGarde Masters has the right to refuse a dealer or a tavern to participate in an event in this capacity without giving reasons.
    1.5. All merchants and employees of taverns must register as players if they participate in the game process, as guests if they plan to move around the game zones of the game, or as staff of third-party organizations if they do not leave the trading zone / or tavern. According to your status, pay dues see Contributions. Players must have a DC with them throughout the game, and guests and staff must have the appropriate badges.
    1.6. All fees are paid before the game at the registration of staff and point of sale.
    1.7. All compensations are paid after the game.
    1.8. In retail outlets (including in the non-gaming zone), during the game, modern music is prohibited, as well as loud music, which interferes with the game process and the players’ relaxation.
    1.9. We remind you that the game is allowed to implement only low alcohol drinks (beer, cider, mead). Strong alcoholic drinks, including cocktails and mixtures based on hard liquors are not allowed for sale.
    1.10. For violation of the above rules EnGarde Masters has the right to close the point of sale and remove its personnel from the game.
    1.11. For participation in the game, coordination of the assortment, menu, compensations, fees, etc. contact Maras.

    2. For taverns for play money

    2.1. This information applies only to food outlets (taverns, tea houses, snack bars, bakeries, etc.) that sell their products only for game money.
    2.2. EnGarde Masters recalls that the game taverns do not set as their goal to feed all the players, but are the location for the role-based interaction of the players, simulating a food point.
    2.3. The tavern should coordinate its participation in the game with the regional master and get preliminary approval from the EnGarde Masters. See paragraph 1.2.
    2.4. The food point for the game money and its employees located in the game zone of the training ground should have an entourage corresponding to the world of EnGarde.
    2.5. EnGarde Masters provides the team with monetary compensation for the purchase of food in the amount individually determined before the game. EnGarde Masters may require the presentation of documents (checks) confirming the purchase of products.
    2.6. Menu, volume (number of servings), prices in game currency are agreed with EnGarde Masters.
    2.7. An important condition for catering establishments is the institution’s functioning during the hours agreed with EnGarde Masters, trading only for play money, servicing all visitors whose appearance does not contradict the logic of the world.
    2.8. The game money earned for the sale is withdrawn by EnGarde Masters in part to the game and non-game methods, which will be indicated individually by the owner of the tavern.

    3. For pubs by subscription

    3.1. This information applies only to taverns that provide meals in the gaming areas on a prepaid basis (subscription).
    3.2. Subscription taverns, in addition to catering for players who paid for subscriptions, are required to provide catering for game players.
    3.3. Meals for game money by taverns by subscription are made on the conditions described in paragraph 2 of these Rules.
    3.4. Opening hours for gaming and subscription service may not coincide.
    3.5. Subscriptions can be purchased by players only before the start of the game. Selling season tickets is prohibited.
    3.6. Subscription taverns selling alcoholic beverages in accordance with clause 1.9. Do not receive compensation for trade for game money, but are required to carry out it in the agreed amount.

    4. For taverns for EUR

    4.1. Merchants for EUR are only in the non-gaming zone, and game interactions in them are prohibited. The location is necessarily agreed with the EnGarde Masters and approaches to it are marked with posters “Non-gaming zone”.
    4.2. For taverns for EUR, you must have a package of documents: registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, medical books for staff, certificates or receipts for products. The package of documents will be checked not only by the EnGarde Masters, but also by representatives of law enforcement agencies and local governments who are at the game.
    4.3. There are no requirements for the surroundings of the point itself and its employees, but the corresponding surroundings are welcome and affect the distance from the gaming areas.
    4.4. Merchants for EUR paid an additional contribution (in addition to contributions for employees) depending on the assortment (food, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, food + alcoholic drinks). To determine the amount of the contribution, write to Maras.

    5. For merchants for EUR
    5.1. Retail outlets for EUR pay an additional fee in the amount of:
    5.1.1. For items selling goods related to the LDK: LARP weapons, armor, surroundings, leather goods, jewelry, etc. – 60 EUR. for the entire game (including before and after) from the point of sale. For trading only before and after the game – 20 EUR.
    5.1.2. For points selling essential goods not related to LDK, points providing non-gaming services (bath, shower, transportation services, etc.), the amount of the contribution is determined individually by EnGarde Masters.
    5.1.3. Plus contributions for employees, see clause 1.5
    5.2. A special non-gaming trade zone will be organized for merchants.
    5.3. Traders of small goods in the entourage can trade with their hands (peddlers) in game zones in agreement with the EnGarde Masters and the regional location master.
    5.4. Traders for EUR should be prepared for the fact that law enforcement agencies located at the training ground may ask them for documents permitting such trade.

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