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    Here is a list of titles that may be earned by honorable citizens, and the
    titles/ranks of the people they may hold authority over.

    King/Queen/Lord Imperial/Lady Imperial of [Land]: Undisputed head of an autonomous land with no superiors – or sole spouse thereof.

      King’s/Queen’s/Lord Imperial’s/Lady Imperial’s Army
      [Gold] Commander: Commander of the entire military of the land.
      [Silver] General: Commander of a major portion of the military.
      [Blue] Captain: Commander of a functional group of units.
      [Green] Lieutenant: Field commander of a squad or small unit.

    Crown Prince/Princess of [Land]: Actual heir to the throne.

    Prince/Princess of [Land]: Son/daughter of a King, Queen, Lord Imperial, Lady Imperial, Prince or Princess.

    Baron/Baroness of [Land]: A Lord/Lady with the full trust of the King/Queen/Lord Imperial/Lady Imperial and their citizens. This title is awarded to Lords who have ruled well and for long periods.

    Lord/Lady of [Land]: Head of part of a land, co-head of a land, or trusted agent of the King/Queen/Lord Imperial/Lady Imperial of the land.

    Magistrate of [Town]: A knight entrusted with the management and security of a township.

      Magistrate’s Town Guard
      [Blue] Captain of the Guard: Commander of the town guard.
      [Green] Lieutenant of the Guard: Sub-commander of the town guard.

    Sir: Title for a knight – a trusted and honored citizen of the land.

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