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    2020-05-15 at 21:18

    EnGarde LARP Basic event rules:

    1. Be careful making interim event judgements. It is important to
      ensure that an event doesn’t go haywire, but it cannot give the PCs a
      buffer against risks. Ask the Storyteller/Event Marshal when these
      issues arise.
    2. Try to include things for everyone to use their abilities at some
      point during the event. This includes:
      1. Locks of various difficulties.
      2. Breakable doors/walls.
      3. NPCs with hidden items.
      4. Rare: Secret doors.
      5. Poison.
      6. Disease.
      7. Rough Terrain.
      8. Written Materials (Read/Write to use)
    3. Make sure you bring the following stuff to your event, you may
      want/need to print out some of the info here:
      1. NPC Character Sheets
      2. Lores/Scouting
      3. Appraising/Fence lists
      4. Rumors
      5. Combat/Event Rules (For Marshal to Read)
      6. Potions
      7. Scrolls
      8. Innkeeper setup
    4. Event holders should be aware of TYR property. If someone introduces
      an item that is searchable then it goes to the community as a whole. If
      that item is fenced or for any reason exits the system it should return to
      the person that introduced the item on the first place.
    5. God’s avatars: To use these extremely influential NPC’s requires the
      approval the storyteller.
    6. Keep relevant PCs with similar abilities in mind before providing
      NPC’s that perform similar functions for free. At the least, NPC’s should
      charge some fee for services rendered, unless it is more characterful for
      them to act in some other fashion.

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