Roll20 Community Roundtable | Q&A [05.21.2020]

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Roll20 Community Roundtable | Q&A [05.21.2020]

Join Roll20 Team members Soraya and Kenton as they discuss new features, talk about upcoming product releases, answer questions, and stick through to the end to say hi to Soraya’s doggo!

Discussion Timestamps:
Kenton finishes a great story: 0:05
Overview of Roll20 updates like Extinction Curse parts 1&2, folder deletion, Dynamic Lighting, and more: 1:20
New show announcement!: 8:11
Marketplace Shout-out: 12:50
Jukebox & music questions: 15:22
Streaming questions: 20:20
Pathfinder and Starfinder questions: 23:22
First round of Chat questions: 26:30
Feature questions and suggestions: 35:11
Marketplace questions: 49:14
Second round of Chat questions: 53:07

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