Roll20Con 2020 Trailer

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Roll20Con 2020 Trailer

Welcome to Roll20Con 2020! Join us for a weekend of games, demos, announcements and more on October 23 – 25, all to celebrate the tabletop community and raise money for Code2040!

Head over to for the full schedule and to sign up for demos!
Be sure to check out our Tiltify campaign:

Events include:
Exclusive Roll20 announcements
A Dynamic Lighting Showcase
The Rime of the Frostmaiden cast running through a classic Pathfinder 2e dungeon crawl
Introducing a new Roll20 Presents show
Rivals of Waterdeep in space
Harlem Unbound with Honey & Dice
Indoor Recess playing Alien RPG
TWO different Burn Bryte adventures
Zweihander, Mothership, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, The Excellents, For the Queen, and more!

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