Warlord Games Posts New Rules For Saxon Warlords in Hail Caesar

Warlord Games has expanded the rules for Hail Caesar if you’re wanting to add some new capabilities to your Saxon Warlords. Using the Shield Wall supplement, you can try out some new tactics and bring victory to your Saxon hordes. Have a look-see for yourself.

From the post:

The searovers faced him and roared their insults. The eoldorman Byrhtnoth, the white haired one, ignored them and encouraged his men, young and old as he rode along the line. The young of the fyrd were nervous, he could see it in their eyes and he shouted encouragement. The old looked resigned. He tried to ensure the young were placed next to veterans. He did not want the line to break. Leof of his hearthweru realised his hawk and it circled in the air above the lines of men lining up near the estuary. Vikings, the searovers, the invaders on one side and his men on the other. The invaders had already raided elsewhere. ‘Forkbeard’ was their leader. To the dismay of some of his men he had let them cross the estuary rather than just hold the crossing. Byrhtnoth knew he had to defeat them in such a way that a message would be sent. ‘Forkbeard’ had already called him a coward if he would not dare to battle with them. He was still angry at ‘Forkbeard’ asking for tribute. He had given his reply shouted across the estuary;

‘Hear you, searover, what this folk say? For tribute they will give you spears, poisoned point and ancient sword. It seems to me too poor a thing that you should go with our treasure unfought to your ships, now that you have thus far into our lands.’

These invaders wanted the treasury at Maldon to add to their plunder. Byrhtnoth glanced across at their lines, they were numerous, his scouts had estimated around 4000 men in over 90 ships. He knew his faith was being tested, he knew they were outnumbered but he had let them cross. They had crossed the estuary like wolves on the hunt. Berserkers in front screaming and men behind, with the sun glinting off thousands of helms and axes, shouts and curses cutting through the air along with spears. He knew they were currently out of range. He had fought many times before.

His hearthweru acknowledged him as his rode past with the banging of their scarred shields with their spears. He could barely see their eyes behind their helms, many showing scars of past conflict. Byrhtnoth knew every pair of eyes would be on him. He patted his horse as he dismounted and headed for the front and centre of the line joining his hearthweru, slapping their shields and a few backs and smiling as he did so.  Holding a spear aloft he turned and pointed at the invaders, the heathweru roared their defiance and a primal sound emerged, a sound of defiance – Byrhtnoth added his shout to the roar.

The searovers were forming a wedge, closing the ground rapidly, more spears were being thrown and screams were filling the air around him, his men slammed their shields together and braced for the impact, spears were thrown in return from behind the shieldwall and satisfying screams were heard from the invaders lines as they made impact with flesh.


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