Wyrd Previews Spelleater For Malifaux

I’m going on week 3 of having not left the apartment. I’m starting to run low on supplies here in the den. I can make it much of another week, but then I’ll have to go out again. Thankfully, I’ve not yet resorted to eating spells. For me, that wouldn’t be so good. However, for the Spelleater in Malifaux, it’s just lunch. Get a look at this new figure in this preview.

From the post:

This week we found Waldo cleaning out cobwebs from the warehouse. We thought he was just trying to be helpful, but then we noticed he’d been looking up recipes for spiders. None of us asked any questions, and we’ve been avoiding all of Waldo’s containers in the fridge. There was some commotion back there, though, and of course we went to investigate. We didn’t get a good glimpse of what gave Waldo and his Spider-Smacking Stick a run for their money. And we’re not sure we want to …

Waldo’s rather rapid retreat knocked over heaps of paperwork covered in cobwebs. We did come across one rather interesting tidbit while cleaning up though:


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